Ophelialestat Grunge Girl Panty Stuffing Ophelialestat Grunge Girl Panty Stuffing
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Ophelialestat Grunge Girl Panty Stuffing


Watch me wiggle my butt and feel myself up in front of you, touching myself though my clothes with my big dirty combat boots in view. I slide my panties off and rip my stockings so you can get an unhindered view as I spread my ass and pussy open for your pleasure. I grab my Hitachi and grind my pussy against it, surrendering to the intense vibrations pulsating through my cunt. I lube up a butt plug with spit and work it in to my tight ass before fucking myself with it as im grinding on my Hitachi. The plug keeps being pushed out as i edge, im getting wet enough to start stuffing my pussy with my panties. I edge while gradually stuffing them inside me, before cumming all over them. I pull them out slowly, noticing how they are soaked with my wetness- i have to taste them. I stuff the panties into my mouth, and then after taking in their flavour, spit them out, Who wants to taste them next
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