Ophelialestat Panty Stuffing B4 Sch--L Ophelialestat Panty Stuffing B4 Sch--L
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Ophelialestat Panty Stuffing B4 Sch--L


Ophelia is getting ready for school but is all too aware of how boring her uniform is! As she is putting on her less than exiting plain black pantyhose, she notes that at least they feel nice against her soft skin and begins to rub her bare pussy though them! Then she then notices that they have a hole in them! “Oh well” she thinks to herself, “I hate these things” and rips them open so she has better access too her pussy. She rubs her wet pussy before realising that shes gonna be late for school! She cant wear the black panty hose so she puts on her sexy red pair! Since shes already going to be busted for being late and the red pantyhose, she decides to go all the way and puts heels on as well. She once again rubs her pussy, getting distracted by just how aroused the soft nylon clinging to her skin is making her feel. She uses her hitachi wand, the vibrations making her hot pussy grow even wetter. She is completely lost in the pleasure until…FUCK! SCHOOL! She rushes to put her skirt on but then she realises that she missed quite a crucial step in getting ready…HER PANTIES! Feeling extra naughty she picks up a pair of crotchless panties and puts them on. Nah, they arent super comfortable…on she outside anyway.She thinks that they may feel better inside and begins to work them inside her tight little hole, letting them be saturated by her pussy juice before pulling them out and enjoying their fragrance and taste, stuffing them into her mouth. She still needs panties for school and tries on some cute briefs..nah. She then tries on some pink lacy satin panties, she loves the feel of them so much that she decides to stuff her pussy with those as well! After taking them out she once again smells and tastes them, stuffing them into her mouth so she can suck on them while continuing her hunt for the panties she wants to wear to school. After trying on a large collection of her underwear, she realises that she wants to wear the pink satin ones after all, which are now wet from being stuffed in her pussy, and her mouth. She puts them on, with her red tights over them, followed by her heels. She hopes that her favourite teacher will be the one to give her detention for her uniform violati*on, recalling overhearing a conversation of his in the teachers lounge where he confessed that he just cant get enough of women in heels…
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